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Digital Asset Management for all file types

Asset 60fc.png

Easy bulk product editing

Asset 61fc.png

Product families

Asset 63fc.png

Flexible variation handling

Asset 65fc.png

Quick export to CVS,


Asset 64fc.png

In cell editing - just like spreadsheat

Asset 66fc.png
Asset 72fc.png

Change log

Open API for custom integrations

Asset 68fc.png

Product completion tracking

Asset 67fc.png

Spreadsheat and grid view

Asset 70fc.png

Unlimited users

Asset 69fc.png

Advanced filtering options

Asset 71fc.png

User roles with custom permissions

Asset 76fc.png

Computed attributes for editing product information with formulas

Asset 73fc.png

Seamless ERP connection

Asset 74fc.png

Sheduled imports

Asset 61fc.png

Unlimited custom attributes

Asset 62fc.png

Product relationship,

cross-sell or bundle

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